51 min



Directing: Olga Privolnova


It takes 20 minutes on foot to get from the town of Nikola-Lenivets to the village of Zviszhi. Nikola-Lenivets is the site of Arkhstoyaniye, a most fashionable festival of landscape objects. Zviszhi is the place where Val’ka, Lyudka, Zhen’ka and a sixty-year-old “dolly” Natasha live. Natasha lives with Valerka, a guy who served a term for murder, because he knows how to fix electric wires. Valerka prefers to pass his nights with Zhen’ka. Val’ka was once Lyudka’s kindergarten teacher; now they spend time together in a vegetable garden drinking denatured alcohol. “Fashionable” festival people and “degraded” Zviszhi people never heard about each other. But one day, village people decide to go visit their neighbours during the festival…
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