60 min


Bahrtalo! Good Luck!

Bahrtalo! Jó szerencsét!

Directing: Robert Lakatos


How to hit the Jackpot? This question is not a simple one to answer for anybody. But it's even harder to solve for the two friends in this neo-realistic comedy: the "big hat" Gypsy and his Hungarian buddy - both of them Transylvanians. Many times they don't succeed, but when they do, their success doesn't last long. Yet they know something not a lot of us know: how to enjoy life. A road movie about two Transylvanian friends, Lali and Lori, who will stop at nothing to make it big. Director Róbert Lakatos follows the two men on a hilarious and pointless trip to Austria, and later when they end up in Egypt to sell a German Shepherd. The charismatic Lali negotiates on everything, even stuff that's nailed down, revealing his Eastern European bravura but also his flair. No setback will deter him, no matter how big. When the men finally have their finances in order, they quickly lose all their money on senseless knickknacks.
Lakatos sets up the situations, but the men play themselves. Clad in an enormous moustache and hat, Lali doesn't take the slightest notice of the ways of the world and always manages to talk his way in. From a Viennese flea market to the foot of the pyramids, Lali might drive Lori crazy, but the friendship between the two men remains intact. Lakatos illustrates the differences between East and West in a relaxed and playful manner. His camera documents the events without interruptions, as if they were scenes from a feature film.


Celebrate the 15th anniversary of Ex Oriente Film with - stream until May 21st!
17. 5. 2017

Celebrate the 15th anniversary of Ex Oriente Film with - stream until May 21st!

In collaboration with the documentary VOD portal, we have prepared a selection of films supported by the Ex Oriente Film workshop throughout its 15 years of existence.
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