Celebrate the 15th anniversary of Ex Oriente Film with DAFilms.com - stream until May 21st!

17. 5. 2017

Author: Tereza Ritterová

Ex Oriente Film workshop was established in 2003 as the very first training initiative focusing on Eastern and Central European creative documentary films. In the fifteen years of its existence, more than 160 documentary projects from Eastern and Central Europe went through the workshop, including award-winning films at key international festivals, such as Brothers, The Domino Effect, Blind Loves, At the Edge of Russia, Rabbit a la Berlin, Village Without Women and Bakhmaro.
During the Ex Oriente Film workshop 12 selected director-producer teams have the opportunity to meet with renowned professionals, award-winning directors and producers, and gain experience, feedback, contacts, and other forms of support for their projects. During the past 15 years Ex Oriente Film has hosted a number of prominent tutors such as Viktor Kossakovsky, Mike Bonanno of the Yes Men, Peter Mettler, Gordon Quinn, Kirsten Johnson, Mads Brügger and many more.

In collaboration with the documentary VOD portal DAFilms.com, we have prepared a selection of films supported by the Ex Oriente Film workshop throughout its 15 years of existence. Until May 21st, you can stream a selection of critically acclaimed documentaries, including the Oscar nominee Rabbit á la Berlin, Blind Loves or Bakhmaro.

The VOD portal DAFilms.com is the main project of the Doc Alliance festival network formed by 7 key European documentary film festivals (CPH:DOX, Doclisboa, Docs Against Gravity FF, DOK Leipzig, FIDMarseille, Jihlava IDFF, Visions du Réel). It represents an international online distribution platform for documentary and experimental films focused on European cinema. For a small fee, it offers over 1500 films accessible across the globe for streaming or legal download.

For the fans of Institute of Documentary Film, the portal offers a discount voucher for monthly subscription, which can be used until June 1st (code: ExOriente2017). If an individual wants to watch one only of the films in the Ex Oriente Film showcase, they can share the profile of the film on Facebook and then stream it for free (only once).

The films that are selected under the Ex Oriente Film 15th anniversary event are:
Bakhmaro (dir. Salomé Jashi)
Bahrtalo! Good luck! (dir. Róbert Lakatos)
Blind Loves (dir. Juraj Lehotský)
Cash & Marry (dir. Atanas Georgiev)
Czech RAPublic (dir. Pavel Abrahám)
The Moon Inside You (dir. Diana Fabianova)
Show! (dir. Bohdan Bláhovec)
Rabbit á la Berlin (dir. Bartek Konopka)
Village without Women (dir. Srdjan Šarenac)
Trains of thoughts (dir. Timo Novotny)

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