77 min


Blind Loves

Slepé lásky

Directing: Juraj Lehotský


It is very often difficult for us, those who can see, to find our true fulfillment and happiness in the world. The more complicated, but maybe the more interesting this journey might be for the blind. Their perspective of the world is much more essential and sincere in many ways, and it often uncovers the invisible dimensions of the world. This film is about love amongst the blind and about the different forms it can take. The main protagonists are people who were born blind and they have been living in a world of their own since ever. This world is often filled with unusual visions, perceptions and dreams. It is through the lives of four different characters in the film, through which we are presented different kinds of love experience. Zuzka, a blind teenager, is in search of her first love. Blind young Roma, Miro, falls in love with a blind white girl. Blind Elena happily raises her 5-year-old sighted daughter. Peter, a blind music teacher, wants to fulfill his wife’s dream and takes her to ‚see‘ the sea for the first time in their life. The cinematography we intend to apply should be artistic and visiualy attractive in the surrealistic aesthetics but at the same time its content will consist of real and true moments from the lives of the characters. The screenplay was awarded the Tibor Vichta Award for the best documentary script in Slovakia.


Celebrate the 15th anniversary of Ex Oriente Film with - stream until May 21st!
17. 5. 2017

Celebrate the 15th anniversary of Ex Oriente Film with - stream until May 21st!

In collaboration with the documentary VOD portal, we have prepared a selection of films supported by the Ex Oriente Film workshop throughout its 15 years of existence.
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