76 min


Domino Effect

Efekt domina

Directing: Elwira NiewieraPIOTR ROSOŁOWSKI


In Abkhazia, a war-torn country close to Crimea-Ukraine, patriotism runs rather deep. Perched on the shores of the Black Sea, the unrecognized splinter state used to be a beach getaway for lucky Soviets, but palatial hotels now sit in post-Communist ruin. For Abkhazian Sports Minister Rafael, however, everything's looking up. He's hopeful that the mysterious Domino World Championship he's organizing will finally put his beloved motherland on the world's radar and madly in love, he's willing to overlook that his dear wife is a foreigner. A proud Russian opera singer, Natasha gave up her home and custody of her Russian daughter to take a chance on a new life. But when locals won't warm to her and troubles cloud Rafael's "sports" event, their bright future and even national pride start to wobble. From the Oscar nominated team of "Rabbit à la Berlin" comes a visually stunning Black Sea black comedy - giving us a profound look at life under Russia's spell.


KineDok Presents Domino Effect in Jihlava
17. 10. 2016

KineDok Presents Domino Effect in Jihlava

KineDok has prepared a real specialty for all the fans of creative documentaries, alternative distribution and site-specific screenings during MFDF Jihlava. On October 26, 6.00 p.m., you can enjoy a multi award-winning film Domino Effect...
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