97 min



Directing: Anders ØstergaardErzsébet Rácz


Creative documentary drama about the collapse of the Iron Curtain. Miklós Neméth, becomes Hungary’s new prime minister to save the country’s economy. He decides to remove the border control apparatus from the state budget. A young couple from East Germany is encouraged by the rumor and makes a go for the border. Nemeth’s decision has set him up against formidable adversaries and communist hardliners. The couple is caught up in the political power-game, and the man is shot dead at the border. This tragic event paradoxically accelerates decision to open the borders soon after the Berlin wall falls. Anders Østergaard recreates the events of 1989 and invites the audience into the secret meeting rooms through a mixture of “testimonials”, archive material, recreation, and reconstructed dialogues lip-synched to archive footage of the real political key characters.
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