42 min


1989: From the Diary of Ivana A.

1989: Z denĂ­ku Ivany A.

Directing: Karel Strachota


The subject of the film is the authentic diary of 18-year old Ivana A., who uses the personable perspective of a high school student to reflect on a year of the existence of Communist Czechoslovakia. She contrasts her Graduation Ball with the events of the Week of Palach, annoying Mayday celebrations and memorials of Soviet reality for her approaching graduation with her first trip to the "West", the joyous experiences of her last school holidays with her entry to an unappealing employment and grey future life outlook. This new film by Karel Strachota is a synthesis of actual diary entries, sequences from news and publicity programs, samples from the press of the day, private documents, letters, and photographs. This original film account of a time 25 years ago, enhanced with animation and distinctive music will find an audience primarily with younger generations.
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