52 min

In development

Football Inside Out

Fotbal naruby

Directing: Pavel Abrahám


A docu-reality series based on the principles of the successful documentary feature Two Nil. 8 football stadiums, 8 matches, 8 parts. Fans as stars, stars as fans. Five different football fans - each representing a specific human type - are observed from long-distance throughout one recognized football derby as they react to different events of the game. Each of them does that in his own, unique way. This lively, authentic footage is subsequently shown to the football players who were involved in the game. Their task is to pick the \"Fan of the match\" who eventually takes part in the final penalty shootout. Football is thus presented inside out: in our show it is the fans who play the central role, while football players act as spectators. It is an original format with strong comic potential that also includes social commentary.
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