52 min


New Czech Design

Nový český design

Directing: Jordi Niubó


New Czech design presents the works of young Czech designers and at the same time offers reasons for why their work wins international recognition. The film also tries to raise the awareness about the meaning of design, to demonstrate its ability to influence the living environment and communication in a profound way. This first part of the documentary series about new Czech designers presents the work of the young generation of Czech designers. Ivan Dlabač, Michal Froněk, Petr Knobloch, Aleš Najbrt, Jan Němeček, Rony Plesl are among the young Czech designers who present their most "international" in the course of the film. The work is commented on not only by the designers but also by the investor and users. Audiences can see how and why the individual objects were made, and how well they serve their purpose.
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