70 min

In production

Yearbook 2020

Letopis 2020

Directing: Martin KollárMária Rumanová


Documentary essay with the ambition to create a future archive.

When you shake the bottle with the sediment settled on its bottom, cloudy fluid does not allow you to clearly see what's going on inside.
Inspired by the chronicle of film records of reality from the times of socialism, which we often use in films as "archive images", we have chosen to shoot the usual contemporary reality and create a "future archive".
Eight short stories accompanied by endless sub-stories.
Eight chapters where, instead of curiosity, we focus on banality and clichés, which are symptomatic of a particular area, and are often neglected as a result of their banality.

The ambition of the film is to create a yearbook mosaic of the present that points to the absurdity and inexplicable phenomena of present times.
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