85 min

In production

Becoming Roosi

Varastatud tulevik

Directing: Margit Lillak


The documentary follows a teenage girl, Roosi, who grew up as a child of an activist. She struggles to cope with climate grief and guilt. She is torn between becoming an activist herself vs finding her own life path through creativity and enjoying the teenage ecstasy.
When she was 7, her family moved to an eco-village. Her mother Liina was the frontwoman of the commune. Roosi hated her childhood there. Now, seven years later, Roosi is stepping in the footprints of her mom. She battles the dilemmas of the unpredictable world. Roosi has an active mind. She is sensitive to injustice and wasting resources. Her emotional intelligence and maturity are rare for her age. She represents the more conscious part of Generation Z, who must accept the toxic cargo from previous generations.
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