75 min,

52 min

In production

Where I End And You Begin

Directing: David Power


Mariana’s face is marked by a life of struggle and a billion cigarettes.
It’s been thirteen years since she ran away from her husband, carrying only her barefoot eight year old son Alex, who has Down syndrome.
Despite being let down by institutions, family and friends, she works really hard to erase the memories of their violent past, dedicating her life to raising Alex, giving him her undivided attention, making debts to take him around the country to dance competitions in the Down Syndrome community. Yet every time they come back home, their troubles are there waiting and their past is always ready to haunt them.
When Alex graduates from high-school, mother and son become more and more isolated. Mariana’s financial situation worsens and they cannot afford to travel anymore.
Alex shows stronger signs of being mentally unstable. He runs away from home and often has crises that explode in violence.
Mariana decides for a change of environment and they move to a seaside town in search of peace. At first things seem to take a positive turn, but come winter, they become more isolated than ever. They only have each-other to fall back on and Alex’s only escape becomes social media. There he can dream of being a dancer, a manele singer, of having the friends he misses in real life.
Alex’s issues escalate and after a life of fighting, Mariana now seems truly hopeless.
She decides to move back to Pitesti, from where she had first escaped thirteen years prior.
Alex’s violence escalates and Mariana is faced with a dilemma a mother should never face. Commit her son to an institution and maybe never see him again or keep him home, sedated and with the risk of him hurting her or himself or even worse…
Exploring loneliness, trauma and co-dependency, Where I End And You Begin is an intimate family story carrying deep universal themes.


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