75 min,

52 min

In production

Where I End And You Begin

Directing: David Power


It’s been fifteen years since Mariana ran away from her violent husband, carrying only her eight year old son Alex, who has Down syndrome. Since then, she has dedicated her life to single handedly taking care of him, with no support from the institutions whatsoever.
As Alex graduates from high-school and Mariana’s already critical financial situation worsens, mother and son try to escape their harsh reality by moving to a seaside town, but only end up isolating more and more. When Alex shows signs of a violent predisposition, Mariana is faced with an excruciating dilemma: commit her son to the institutions that have failed them and maybe never see him again or keep him locked up at home, sedated and with the risk of him hurting her or himself or even worse...
Exploring loneliness, trauma and co- dependency, Where I End And You Begin is an intimate family story carrying deep universal themes.
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