70 min


Escaping Riga

Dzimis Rīgā

Directing: Davis Simanis


A garrulous philosopher and a flamboyant film director trying to survive the extremes of life somewhere between a tsar, a king, Hitler and Stalin. Two young boys are forced to escape their native city of Riga as the First World War is transforming the existing world. Later these same boys turn out to be among the most extraordinary personalities of the previous century: one becomes a leading commie film director and the other a mentor to the entire British Empire. Funny, deadly, sad and sexy adventures follow on their lifelong journey to become geniuses. This story will reveal the secrets of the remarkably parallel lives of and friendship between Sergei Eisenstein and Isaiah Berlin against the backdrop of the dramatic events of the first half of the 20th century.


True Story, episode 21: Davis Simanis
17. 11. 2021

True Story, episode 21: Davis Simanis

Davis Simanis talks about his new project exploring immortality, Death of Death, pitched at IDFA Forum 2021, as well as about his previous films, such as D is for Division and Escaping Riga.
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