5x25 min

In development

Imaginary Youth

Tinerete Imaginata

Directing: Ruxandra Gubernat


"I see things are not changing for the better in my country and I think I need to take a break from Romania," says the FFF activist Stefania.
"I used to think that I need to stay here and do something in our country. Now I realize this is impossible," reckons the 16-year-old rapper Habet.
"I can't wait to study in Berlin!", Una exclaims in front of her friends and colleagues.
Una, a teen actress from an activist family, has the lead role in a theater play about her generation leaving the country. Torn between wanting to stay in Romania and fight for social causes, and the influence of her peer group, applying for scholarships at top universities abroad, Una doesn't yet know what to do, but she is pondering a life in Berlin, where a young artist's life is closer to her ideal. Habet is a rapper from a poor neighborhood. Migration is how his family survives and now it's his turn. But he has other plans. He wants to go to London and make it big with his rapping. Will dreams come before survival? Stefania is a young activist who spent her last 2 years protesting in the streets. While forceful and driven in leading protests, she feels the victim of over-protecting parents, and wants to get away. Her plan is to move across Europe once she reaches university. Those are the stories of Imaginary Youth. While focusing on these three young people from very different environments, our series brings to life a first major turning point in the coming-of-age process: what to pick for your life after high-school?


East Doc Series Presentation at IDFA 2022
8. 11. 2022

East Doc Series Presentation at IDFA 2022

Join the East Doc Series presentation at IDFA (November 16, 12:00 - 13:00, Felix Meritis: Shaffyzaal).
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