80 min

In production

Keepers of the Ruins

Хранителі руїн

Directing: Mariia Shevchenko


Kharkiv has been shelled every single day for a year now. As a result of Russian bombing, more than 5,000 buildings were destroyed. And yet Kharkovians still live in their city. They hide from shrapnel, fix up their buildings, restore city transit and help neighbors who have suffered misfortune. At the sound of sirens, they hide in the basements. When it’s quiet, they
meet in the backyards, plant flowers in flower beds, take care of stray animals and organize a New Year's party for kids at one of the subway stations. They live life to the fullest, or at least they try to. Sashko unintentionally has become an vlogger who uses his phone to film the destroyed apartments of those who have left and sends the pictures to the owners. Nina Pertivna gives
online singing lessons to a student who emigrated to Switzerland. Ruslan, despite being disabled, takes care of three pensioners whose families abandoned them fleeing the war. Lubov Mykhailivna decided not to return to her apartment, she decided to move to the basement. She took wiyh herself a kaleidoscope, her favorite childhood toy. She turn it over and the colourful patterns instantly relieve her stress. Gamlet, a local artist, found an aircraft missile on the roof. It's a weapon of murder, a symbol of death, a terrifying sign of the times. He is filled with a creative desire to give it a new meaning. The camera rises above the building and we see that there is now a giant pencil
on the roof. Looking from above, we see a city that lives in spite of the cruel reality. We see a city that lives in spite of the cruel reality. Kharkiv became what it was designed for - a fortress, consisting of hundreds of smaller residential fortresses.
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