80 min

Ve výrobě

Keepers of the Ruins

Хранителі руїн

Režie: Mariia Shevchenko


Residents of Kharkiv have learned to live in conditions of daily shelling. Kharkiv lives according to a similar principle - shelling, cleaning, reconstruction.
Sashko unintentionally has become a vlogger who uses his phone to film the destroyed apartments of those who have left and sends the pictures to the owners. His home and neighbourhood are perhaps the only meaning of his life. Sashko’s own home turned into ruins. His cat burned in the fire. Sashko aims to restore everything exactly as it was before the war and return to his former life.
Lubov Mykhaylivna is retired. Shelling forced the woman to live in the basement. Her son and daughter-in-law were hiding in the subway. The news that they were expecting a child became her only hope.
Rodion is a young photographer. In 2014, he moved from Donetsk because Russia started bombing his hometown. The question of whether to remain an artist when the demand for photography has fallen haunts him. Hundreds of printed photos are sitting in his laboratory waiting for their time.
Natalka Marinchak is a poet, urbanist and radio host. Natalka goes on air twice a week and tries to support the citizens with her voice and advice. Her words cement the terrible reality that Kharkiv residents are trying to survive.
Gamlet is a street artist. His inscriptions on the walls and missile debris are now in Ukrainian. Step by step, Kharkiv, filled with Soviet symbols, is being ‘purified.’ The once-popular busts of Lenin are now a symbol of decommunization. And new art object to work on.
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