116 min


All Men Become Brothers

Všetci ľudia budú bratia

Directing: Robert Kirchhoff


Alexander Dubček, the idealist and the leader of the 1968 Prague Spring and the world of small history and big politics come to- gether in a story of the icon of socialism with a human face.
A demystifying documentary about a utopian and political pop star. The face of Dubček in the memory of the world, Slovakia, and that of the witnesses to his life.
Despite the omnipresent darkness of the totalitarian regime, the face of Dubček had become a symbol. Several decades after his tragic death, we have returned to discover this symbol which has remained alive. We are putting together the pieces of the story of “Dubček’s face”. It is the face of a visionary and Party Secretary, of the ideal and the reality, the absolute and the relative, of the elite and the popular, the political and the personal, the global and the local, of power and powerlessness, of victory and defeat.
The witnesses to his life appear in the lm scenes starting from the utopian commune in Kyrgyzstan where he grew up, through his role as the leader of the Prague Spring, dissident and pris- oner at large,
up until his return to the big politics after the 1989 Velvet Revo- lution and his tragic death.
Both alive and dead, Dubček has been a magnetic force attract- ing his supporters, admirers, and critics. In the era of the Iron Curtain, but also that of the united Europe - All men become brothers.
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