Robert Kirchhoff


Robert Kirchhoff

director, producer

Robert Kirchhoff (born in 1968) is a documentary film director and producer.
He studied documentary film directing at the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava from 1995 to 2000 where he holds the post of associate professor since 2004.
He is also the founder and CEO of atelier.doc, which is an independent production organization focusing primarily on the production of documentary films and TV movies. He collaborated as a producer or co-producer on some of the most significant and awarded Slovak and Czech documentaries that garnered both national and international recognition.

FILMOGRAPHY - feature documentaries (producer and director):
Normalization (2013), A documentary tragedy seeking the right for justice. The film takes on the topic of a murder case in former Czechoslovakia, in the 1970s. The murder victim was a young woman, the daughter of a high-ranking communist official.
Steam On The River (2015), Worldly fame – hollow name... When the mist rises off the water, it exists only briefly and then it disappears. The same applies to us humans. Three stories in one film about the transience of the fame.
A Hole In The Head (2016). The Holocaust as a living scar on the body and the soul of European Sinti and Roma and in our collective memory.

Crying of Angels (2005, director Zuza Piussi), Blind Loves (2008 – co-producer, director Juraj Lehotsky), Koliba (2009, director Zuza Piussi), Disease of The Third Power (2011, director Zuza Piussi), Obscurantist and His Lineage (2011, co-producer, director Karel Vachek), Made in Ash (2012, co-producer, director: Iveta Grofova), Communism (2019, co-producer, director Karel Vachek).
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