80 min

In production

Shut the Fuck Up!

Ти, бля, рота закрий!

Directing: Taisiia Kutuzova


Hatne, a village near Kyiv, is slowly being eaten by the capital's extension. Serhiy, a shy teenager aged 16 feels injustice and corruption everywhere. He investigates, engages with the community, and exposes the officials' dirty schemes on Facebook. He becomes a whistleblower. The local political elite can't stand this. One day, the local political boss attacks Serhiy physically at a city council session and tells him to ″shut the fuck up″. Amidst increasing violence against civic activists in Ukraine, Serhiy begins to study law. Eventually, he decides to run for office against the politician who tried to silence him. Serhiy is under pressure, feels consumed, as if an overdose of activism would hide a deeper void, a great secret... He questions the meaning of his fight for the public interest, and the sacrifices that this implies. The film follows 5 years of Serhiy's life, from the time when he started to be an activist, through his political battle and finding himself ending when he is finding the balance between personal needs and willing to provide changes.


True Story, episode 39: Shut the Fuck Up!
1. 6. 2022

True Story, episode 39: Shut the Fuck Up!

With Ukrainian filmmaker Taisiia Kutuzova about her new project Shut the Fuck Up!, following a shy Ukrainian young man Serhiy, outraged by corruption and injustice in his village near Kyiv, who becomes a whistleblower.
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