In production

Shut the Fuck Up!

Ти, бля, рота закрий!

Welcome to Hatne, a small rural town near Kyiv slowly being eaten by wild urbanization, Serhiy, a teenager like no other, doesn't like it. He comes from a poor family and he’s ashamed of his home, the condi- tions he lives in. His parents have divorced, he gets bad marks in school. But somehow, Serhiy feels that he’s different – and sees injus- tice everywhere. Especially, he can’t stand the corruption around and starts to resist.
Serhiy stands up against abuses, illegal construction and environmen- tal destruction. He investigates, talks to the community and intervenes at the city council. He exposes the officials' corruption on Facebook. Aged 16, he becomes a whistleblower. Nearly three years after the Ukrainian revolution, when the people fought against its corrupt elite, Serhiy is a little Maidan on his own. A little Ukrainian cousin of Greta Thunberg.
The local political elite can't stand his initiatives. One day, Oleksandr Palamarchuk, the political boss of Hatne, attacks Serhiy in front of everyone in the city hall and threatens him publicly. Palamarchuk grabs Serhiy's neck and tells him to “shut the fuck up!”. For Serhiy, it's too much. He unites with others activists in Hatne, meets Yevgeniya Zakrevska, a famous human rights lawyer and starts an internship with her in Kyiv. Eventually, Serhiy decides to run for office in Hatne in a reform-minded political list.
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