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Shut the Fuck Up!

Ти, бля, рота закрий!

18 year-old Serhiy Chaharov has fought against corruption in his home village of Hatne near Kyiv for the past three years. His weapons are documents, articles and social media posts. He became widely known in 2017 when a councillor attacked and publically threatened him and Ukrainian media began to take an interest.

For the media, Serhiy is a hero. For some of the village, he is a shame. He is threatened regularly and is advised to “stay away from adult business”. One night, an explosive device is thrown into his yard.

Hatne is the Ukraine in miniature. Corruption in Hatne mirrors corruption across the country. Our cameras have followed Serhiy over the past twelve months, to document how dangerous it can be to fight for democratic change in today's Ukraine.
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