90 min

In development

Do Magic

Mach es magisch

Directing: Vera Lacková


Film director Vera decides to go on a playful, self-ironic quest to find a Roma witch, who could save her family. Her relatives believe that their mean ancestor cast a curse on them causing too much unhappiness in their lives since then.
Magical rituals fascinated Vera since she was a little girl, when her aunt Marcela, well versed in Roma traditions, knew to tell the future from cards. Today, as an adult, educated woman, she is more skeptical. But devastated to see her aunt suffering deep depression, she wants to help her. She wonders if the curse could be real and if some magic can help.
Our enlightened times don’t leave much place for magic. Yet the world is full of self-proclaimed Internet goddesses and false witches, always ready to make a good business from the longing for happiness. In search of a special kind of female power, Vera finds real "witches", gifted at predicting people's fates – and giving them a new direction.
Her search also creates a platform for other stories. Old, traditional Romani witch Elena, eclectic Vanda with a university degree, and healer Marta, a former workaholic in retirement – they are reference persons for young people with different problems: Anastasia, Russian in the Czech Republic struggles with guilt and loneliness due to the war in Ukraine and its aftermath; Michaela, Slovakian dance teacher, wants to reconnect with her boyfriend who committed suicide four years ago; and Filip, a recently divorced bank manager, wants to heal and find love. The camera is equally interested in witches and bewitched. Who gains more happiness from joint sessions and "magical" rituals?
If Vera will break the curse is still open, but she will experience, that people need to discover magic within themselves so they can be helped and find back to their nature. However, she reveals another type of curse: racism and prejudices. Are Roma cursed as a community or those who have racist beliefs? And what can we do to get rid of this curse?
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