90 min

Ve vývoji

Do Magic

Čohani - Mach Magie

Režie: Vera Lacková


When Vera realises that her aunt Marcela is threatening to sink into deep depression, she remembers an old superstition in her family: an evil ancestor had put a curse that has brought misfortune to them ever since.
Magical rituals have fascinated Vera since she was a little girl. But Vera never really believed it, for her all this was more a joke. But now rationality is no longer of any help. Despite her scepticism, she decides to search a "Čohani", a real Roma witch, "protected" by a film camera.
Encouraged by two friends, Anastasia and Michaela, who seek for help themselves, they try to immerse in a fairy tale world, the traditional way of passing on knowledge among Roma people. In a playful, self-ironic way, Vera thus hopes to find a recipe to help her aunt - and finally herself and her little daughter.
Our rational times do not leave much room for magic yet hope for healing miracles is widespread. Finding responsible help, however, is difficult. The world is full of self-proclaimed false witches who make a good business out of the desire for happiness. Vera's goal is to find a special kind of female power, "real witches" who use their gift with great respect - and thus not correspond to the prejudice of an "all-powerful witch".
In encounters with the old, traditional Romani witch Elena, the eclectic Vanda with an university degree, and the healer Marta, a former workaholic in retirement, they discover step by step new perspectives on their various problems: Anastasia, Russian in Czech exile, struggles with fear, guilt and loneliness due to the war in Ukraine; Michaela, Slovakian dance teacher, seeks to make contact with her boyfriend who committed suicide four years ago; and Marcela and Vera themselves want to escape the trauma of repeated experiences of violence in their family history.
If Vera will be able to break the curse is still open. However, the premise is probably that people must first discover the magic within themselves so that they can be helped.
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