70 min

In production



Directing: Aneta Ptak


Aneta, the main protagonist, embarks on a journey in search of her identity and her own safe place in the tumbling world around her as she learn about her father’s sudden death and at the same time her marriage begins to crumble. She tries to find consolation in the closeness with her mother. Aneta visits her hometown and asks her mom to tell her the story of the last day and especially the last hours of her father’s life. The past and the present intertwine as Aneta begins the journey through the memories of her childhood, time spent with her family, teenage years and the glimpses of the relationship with her husband. For Aneta this whole event marks a turning point in her life. The moment of her jumping on that plane to unite with her mourning family is also unknowingly - as she would soon learn - a subconscious act of abandonment of her previous life and the beginning of building something new.
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