70 min

Ve výrobě



Režie: Aneta Ptak


An unexpected series of events throws Aneta off guard and in one sudden blast sweeps away from her life two most important men - her father and her husband. The unwanted breakup of her marriage triggered by the unforeseen death of her dad forced her to search for consolation through the relationship with her camera. This medium, implanted in her by her father, a cinematographer, becomes her witness, therapist and redeemer. She directs the lens on herself and the immediate surroundings and documents her years-long process of realisation that the painful “celestial coincidence“ of both losses, was in reality a blessing in disguise. While Aneta reexamines her life, a terrifying truth comes to the surface. She recognises how oblivious she was to the fact that her once beloved husband is in reality a sexual predator and brainwashing cult leader. Aneta uses her right as the filmmaker to claim the narrative and liberate herself from the influence of false personas of masters.
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