26 min


Post-Eclipse Transfocation

Transfokácia po zatienení

Directing: Pavlína Fichta Čierna


The video draws attention to the situation of trans-gender individuals. This is an endeavour to get empathically inside the experience of a person whom society regards as "sick". In Slovakia, there predominates in society an ignorance on this issue, associated with various prejudices. Equally inadequate is human rights legislation that might ensure gender equality and protect those who are still exploring their gender identities. The bold personality and protagonist Romina Kollárik describes the experiences and absurd situations in which individuals find themselves, all because of directives or even the will of someone in a bureaucratic role. This video-portrait shows how the fates of trans-gender people can be affected by the inhumane attitude of the majority.


East Silver documentaries in the Visions du Réel Media Library
26. 4. 2020

East Silver documentaries in the Visions du Réel Media Library

Five titles from the East Silver catalogue are part of the Visions du Réel Media Library, available from April 25 at the online edition of the festival.
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