75 min

Post production


Directing: Eluned Zoë AianoAlesandra Tatić


Diggers are the new dragons: in Majdanpek, Eastern Serbia, a culture historically renowned for magical practices and supernatural creatures is being systematically smothered by an ever-expanding copper mine. Both a giver and taker of life, the mine is central to the local economy but a major threat to traditional practices, as it spews out toxic dust over the plants used for medicinal potions. Increasing pollution and deforestation are even driving the dragons in the forest away.

Flotacija explores these conflicts between nature/tradition and industry/modernity through the family of Dragan Marković, a miner by day but a dragon hunter by night. In various ways, each of the Markovićs struggles to forge a liveable future despite everything. The 90 year-old patriarch and dragon hunting legend Deda (“Grandpa”) Pera sadly passes away, leaving Dragan to take over his legacy, but he’s more concerned with retiring before his health becomes critical. After the mine is taken over by a heavily polluting Chinese company, Dragan’s fiesty sister Desa is inspired to become a social activist fighting for the rights of fellow mining families.

The film follows them over the course of several years, with equal measures of humour and tenderness, bizarreness and humanity.



East Silver Caravan Award at Beldocs goes to Flotacija
14. 5. 2022

East Silver Caravan Award at Beldocs goes to Flotacija

The East Silver Caravan Award given by the Institute of Documentary Film goes to Flotacija (dir. Eluned Zoë Aiano & Aleksandra Tatić). The winner was selected from Beldocs in Progress projects.
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