85 min

Post production

Police Symphony Orchestra

Directing: Dominik Kalivoda


The film follows the members of the Police Symphony Orchestra (PSO) over the course of approximately 3 years as they pursue their dreams with all their determination and love for music and try to not only think of themselves but also to help others.
The musicians, who come from Police nad Metují, a town of 4000 residents situated in the region of Náchodsko and the Adršpašsko-Teplice rocks on the border with Poland, are preparing for their 10th annual season in their rehearsal room in the local monastery. They are launching the season in the sold-out hall of Lucerna in Prague. None of them expected that an amateur orchestra would manage to sell out such a prestigious hall. That's why they don't stop dreaming and come up with the idea of organizing the biggest benefit concert to date at the airport in Broumov, where they would like to build a marqueev and hold a concert in it for six thousand spectators. But that is not the only goal.
Téleso wants to reach out to the popular French singer ZAZ, to see if she would perform with them at a concert at the end of the 10th season. Dreams and big plans are one thing, standing up and managing everything is another matter. In the same year, Petra Soukupová, the founder of the orchestra, also deals with turning points in her life – finishing her studies and finding a way to combine the roles of an enthusiastic volunteer and an adult young woman who has to stand on her own two feet. However, she is not the only one looking for herself in the orchestra.
Into all of this comes the coronavirus pandemic, which changes all plans. The pandemic not only changes and disrupts everything, but also threatens the existence of some of its members. Some of them are among the infected. Some reevaluate what is really important in life. The orchestra has never faced such a difficult test. None of them want to give up their dreams and believe that they will still achieve their goals and come out of this fight even stronger.
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