13 min


Common Language

Агульная мова

Directing: Volia Chajkouskaya


The director, who has always been viewed as the black sheep in her family, sets out to the Belarusian town of Vitebsk to talk with her parents about previous grievances and topics that were considered taboo. The effort to find a common language, which runs into stormy emotions and the inability to voice honest opinions, is captured through both personal moments and detailed shots of the protagonists’ faces.  “I decided to visit my parents in Vitebsk so that I could talk with them about things I didn’t have the courage to speak about before, and to ask them some crucial questions.” V. Chajkouskaya


True Story, episode 29: Common Language
30. 1. 2022

True Story, episode 29: Common Language

In True Story ep. 29 producer and director Volia Chajkouskaya discusses her short film Common Language (2019) about a visit to her parents and asking them daring and tough questions.
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