70 min




Directing: Bibiana BeňováMichael Kaboš


A film about various forms of heroism, which turn out to be different when faced with history. We set out on a journey against the time, among the ruins of an abandoned military base in Central Europe (Milovice, near Prague). During 100 years, many European armies and various ideologies changed places there. Ideologies which changed the map of Europe. A visual documentary mosaic revives ghosts of forgotten stories. The authors examine and compare the value of heroism for the national identity of countries that trained in Milovice during the most important wars of the last century. What value heroism has for the individual identity of each of us? Directors avoid definitive conclusions and instead submit a poetic essay about courage but also fear to refuse orders. The audience is marching to war with memory accompanied by real soldiers, adult-boys playing soldiers and also true pacifists.
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