136 min


Thinking Nietzsche

Nietzsche Denken

Directing: Mersolis Schöne


"THINKING NIETZSCHE" is an essayistic documentary that features interviews and performances based on Friedrich Nietzsche's book "Human, All Too Human." The film explores the unconventional paths of thinking, beginning in a serene Japanese garden in Vienna, where the viewer is invited to contemplate how "on long, forbidden paths and routes the unseeable in our world will suddenly be seen." Moving on to Sils Maria, a place where Nietzsche formed his ideas, the documentary connects his texts and positions with contemporary Nietzsche research, amidst the stunning alpine scenery of the Nietzsche-House.

Back in Vienna, viewers are encouraged to interpret Nietzsche's philosophy through a Freudian lens, providing a fresh perspective on his thought-provoking ideas. Furthermore, the potential of Nietzsche's philosophy to change life is discussed in a philosophical practice. The film also demonstrates how one can ally oneself artistically with Nietzsche through a glimpse into an art studio that is connected in a specific way to Nietzsche's philosophy. These European perspectives are complemented by a performative commentary from New York City.

The main cast of the documentary film includes experts like Babette Babich (Fordham University, New York City), Arno Böhler (University of Vienna), Helmut Heit (Director of the Kolleg Friedrich Nietzsche), Elisabeth von Samsonow (Academy of Fine Arts Vienna), and René Tichy (Philosophical practice "Verrückt nach Sokrates"). Additionally, James Delaney, Beate Himmelstoß, Matthias Vieider, and Anna Wimmer provide artistic interpretations of Nietzsche's texts.

Overall, "THINKING NIETZSCHE" is a thought-provoking essayistic feature documentary that takes the viewer on a journey through the philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche. It offers a fresh perspective on one of the most influential thinkers of the modern era.


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