A Blond Province

Eine blonde Provinz

The deportation of Polish citizens from the Polish western regions which had been overrun by the Germans in 1939 started directly after the end of the acts of war. Hundreds of thousands of citizens from Polish towns and villages were evicted from their houses and robbed of their belongings; many of them were killed during this procedure. We describe this story from the point of view of three characters. Zwi Steinitz is a Jew from Poznań, his family was deported in the “Generalgouvernement“, and most of them were killed three years later in the death camp in Bełżec. Henryk Jaszcz was also deported in the Generalgouvernement, he was then active in the anti-Nazi resistance. Dieter Bielenstein was born in Latvia, but his family followed the call of Fuehrer “Heim ins Reich”, and settled 1940 in Poznań.
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