80 min

Post production

A Year of Endless Days

Godina prođe, dan nikako

Directing: Renata Lučić


This documentary follows two men from a Slavonian settlement, Rajevo Selo.
Tomislav and Joso are in their 50s and we find them living without their wives.
Primarily in search of a better life, these women went to work abroad a few years ago. Once abroad, they found new partners and moved there permanently.
We are introduced to the film by the director, who is also the narrator and
one of the protagonists of the film. Sheis Tomislav's daughter, and the story
begins with her coming to her birth place to visit her lonely father and to find answers to why she also ran away from there like most women and young people in Slavonia. Throughout the film, the director follows her father Tomislav
and his best friend Joso in their daily life routines, work, and customs in Rajevo
Selo. Every day at some point, Joso and Tomislav meet to spend time together.
It's not uncommon for the protagonists to have dinner in Brčko, a neighboring town across the Bosnia-Herzegovina border. After dinner, they often go for
another drink which often ends late into the night. It often happens that Joso demonstrates his culinary skills at home or on the banks of Sava river where he and Tomislav delight in his delicacies. During their comedic social gatherings, the protagonists often have conversations where, besides having a good time, they complain and lament, and through their communication we discover their life stories and are able to understand and get to know them as people.
Each season also has a tradition which symbolizes that period, and we follow
the protagonists through the highs and lows of each. During the summer, we see them swimming on the river bank of Sava while having fish and a few glasses of wine. During the winter, we follow them celebrating Christmas, the biggest family holiday on which the director and her father start some harsh conversation topics.


Lagoons. A Battle for Paradise is the winner of East Doc Platform
17. 3. 2021

Lagoons. A Battle for Paradise is the winner of East Doc Platform

The winner of East Doc Platform Award 2021 is the Ukrainian project Lagoons. A Battle for Paradise by director Serhiy Lysenko and producers Anna Kapustina and Oleksandra Kravchenko. Lagoons also got Current Time TV Director's Award.
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