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A Year of Endless Days

Godina prođe, dan nikako

Godina prođe, dan nikako (A Year of Endless Days) follows two men in their 50s, Tomislav and Joso, who were left behind in their village Rajevo Selo by their wives who moved to Germany. All in search of means to ensure a better life, these women went to work abroad. But, apart from a better paycheck, they also found new partners and settled there permanently. They are still married to their husbands, yet the marriage is only realized on paper. The director of the film, Renata, is Tomislav's daughter. She decides to come back to her village from the big city where she currently lives, and spend time with the two protagonists in their daily routines, works and customs. Renata wants to understand why the women left, why the men never fought for a better circumstance for themselves and what being a family really means.
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