6x26 min

In development

Exit Only

Directing: Timo Novotny


How close to the existential edge have we crept, driven by humanity’s insatiable hunger for energy?
What is the actual condition of our planet and, if it’s critical, are we doing something about it?
Are we heading for disaster, too distracted by empty political promises and overblown climate conferences to notice our own descent?
A documentary film about the catastrophic consequences of energy production on our planet.
Through dynamic images and compelling narrative, EXIT ONLY shows the ecological, political and humanitarian consequences of modern energy production. The thoughtless violence with which we humans transform the earth creates a frightening yet hypnotic cinematic experience that captures the viewer without letting him go.
The film focuses on several of the most important and problematic forms of energy production. These include man’s efforts to extract and harness --seemingly at any price-- lignite coal, hydro power, lithium, nuclear power and crude oil.
The starting point for the cinematic journey will be people whose personal destinies have been altered by the ravages of energy generation. In every story, we will reveal the global repercussions as well as the local dimensions, going from a microcosmic to macrocosmic view.
Ultimately, EXIT ONLY provides an unprecedented view of our world’s tenuous condition. It also brings us close to people whose experiences can serve as a warning.
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