6x26 min

In development

The Silent Hostage

Directing: Katrina Tomasicka


Daily, we see media reports on the situation of the war in Ukraine, which worries people all over the world. Unfortunately, even today, the rules and principles of a "fair war" are being violated, and brutal, unjustified war crimes have returned.
In this war, as with any other war, nature is a silent sufferer, a mute hostage. Most of the time it is left just like a horror movie-worthy backdrop of the war events. The active war will come to an end sooner or later, but the ecological impacts of it will cause generations of people to suffer. Is it irreversible, or what and how long would it take to restore a healthy environment?
We want to present the idea of an episodic documentary (6x26 min) in which we will investigate the war's impact on the environment in Ukraine and the whole world both through the eyes of environmental experts and organizations, as well as Ukraine's citizens witnessing it on their land.

Our plan is to concentrate on the following topics:
- The effects of war in Ukraine had on nature until now?
- How is it possible to undercover environmental crimes during the active war?
- What are the biggest environmental risks that can still occur during the war?
- What might be the consequences of environmental damage, not only in Ukraine, but the whole planet?
- What are possible steps and ways to regenerate nature, and can the damage be completely reversed? How much time would it take?
To create catchy and understandable content for a wide audience, we aim for an investigative documentary format by following environmental organizations who are collecting data on environmental crimes on site despite the dangers, and international organizations who, thanks to technology, can do it remotely. Nevertheless, it is also important to show hope and ray of light in this situation that we plan to capture through our heroes’ daily life. This shows the positive attitude, goodwill, and humor of Ukrainians, despite the serious situation.
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