74 min



Directing: Ivica Ivan Ramovic


This movie is the portrait of a former football player, actor, popular dancer and porn star - Yugoslav Kujundzic. Yuga is one of many people who were almost killed in Tito's Yugoslavia. While the country was falling apart, he went to a clinic that treated alcoholics. He managed to get out of there as a cured alcoholic and tried to lead a normal life. Then he came across the idea of turning his life into a theatre play, and he managed doing that. He established an alternative theatre, that motivated him quite enough to move on with his life. Currently, he runs an acting school and hyper-realistic theatre, he has his own radio show and a counter at the market, which helps him survive in this transition period. If Yuga managed to find the inspiration to move on and create something completely new, then anyone who possesses any aspiration for creation can do the same.
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