85 min


Happily Ever After

Šťastně až na věky

Directing: Jana Počtová


The film is an inquiry into contemporary forms of alternative models of partnerships that often put in doubt an image of today’s families. For many protagonists, polyamory, open marriage or long-term lover-to-lover relationships present a fulfilling life style, but also a struggle with misunderstanding of the society or conflicts within their own relationships. The director follows the development of relations of her protagonists over several years, while in intimate talks, she searches for the joy, striving and insecurities brought along by such unusual faces of love, revealing a need for redefining partnership in our times.“For me, it is important to understand and sympathize with the protagonists. We have to be on the same page, that's why I often choose protagonists who are somehow similar to me.”---Source: Interview Dokumentaristka Jana Počtová: Ideální rodina je mýtus, Ž, 20. prosince 2017,
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