In production

Jan Kapr's Ciphers

Šifry Jana Kapra

The film discovers almost unknown genius, music composer, innovator and experimenter Jan Kapr (1914-1988).
In the 1950s, he became so famous for his songs that he was awarded directly by Stalin. After the arrival of Russian tanks in 1968, he returned the Stalin Prize and wrote to his friend Shostakovich an open letter of disappointment from the Soviet Union. There follows an immediate and lifelong ban on composing music. Kapr shoots his life and himself in the form of short scenes on 8mm films. These never-published materials come to life in a fascinating reconstruction of life after death, in which the memory of the film, the time of Kapr's music, with a story of mythological proportions, intertwines. The narrative frames the birth of the world premiere of Kapr's composition from 1968.
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