82 min




Directing: Jan Gogola jr.


A film excursion to the places of Europe’s history and to ourselves. Cruiser Aurora, the symbol of Russia, is leaving for repairs the river, in which the history of the world flows. The Temple of Nazism in Nuremberg with a monumental tribune, where the life and death of millions of people was decided on, is becoming a playground and its Golden Hall is becoming a children’s room. The Berlin Wall destroyed the lives of thousands of families and today it serves as a harp or a jungle gym. In the Museum of Ancient Art in Rome, where the European Constitution was signed, one of the guides is changing to an ancient goddess. A decent place which has formed and recorded history is becoming a theater stage. A film performance through various towns of one continent and of one century. The stops are vivid images which reveal the history around us and inside us. History is the reason and opportunity to be together while each stays in his own unique way.
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