74 min




Directing: Silvie Dymáková


Silvie Dymáková's raw documentary uncovers the manipulation and pressure that exist behind the closed doors of "product demonstration excursions for seniors" in the Czech Republic. The sad heroes of her film show us the non-functional saucepans, unused vacuum cleaners, "wool" blankets and bio-lamps they bought during such excursions for tens or even hundreds of thousands Czech Crowns....and that is the best case scenario. In exchange for their ID cards confiscated by sellers, many have signed loan contracts. Despite their shocking experiences, the elderly take part in these events again and again in a bid to escape their loneliness or because they can't say no to the offers. Dymáková succeeded in smuggling a hidden camera into product presentations and analyzed the high-pressure methods.


Czech Documentary Awards
1. 3. 2018

Czech Documentary Awards

Each year, films in IDF programs earn a number of international awards. Yet how are Czech filmmakers recognized in the local context?
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