35 min


The Way Of Wisdom

Patjat na madrostta

Directing: Nikolai Vassilev


The Way Of Wisdom is a documentary dedicated to the life and theideas of Vaklush Tolev. This is not a film about an ordinary man with an ordinary story. This is not a film, which simply narrates the everyday life and biography as facts. This is a tale of the Way of the Sage in which "there is no suffering, there is development; there is no evil, there is non-evolved good; and the human being is a god in evolution.." The narrator is guiding us over the summits of ancient time: Perperikon, the Orpheus` Rocks, Byala Cherkva (White Church)...As in a new mystery...On the way to a new summit...To find out that it is not enough to climb the summit - we should go back for to bring... If each mystery has its own secret, there is one in this film, too: the secret. that the Pilgim can become the Way!
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