Alegria Productions

About the Company

Alegria is a production company based in Paris, France, and set up by Christine Camdessus in 2001. Since 2009, Serge Gordey has joined Alegria as a producer. Alegria has produced more than 40 films, mainly creative documentaries. The projects deal with important contemporary issues and are written and directed by international creators who wish to work on ambitious projects destined to large audiences and ready to explore new formats for new media. In 2012, Alegria produced Five Broken Cameras directed by Guy Davidi and Emad Burnad, this documentary was nominated for the Oscar of best documentary and received the International Emmy award. Alegria was awarded in 2013 as best production company of documentaries by PROCIREP (France).


Alegria Productions

206 boulevard Voltaire
Paris, FR
phone: + 33 1 82 28 40 20
fax: + 33 1 75 43 83 87
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