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About the Company

East Doc Platform (EDP) is the largest Central and East European documentary event. It is the meeting point for 120 East European filmmakers and producers who seek creative, financial and distribution support, and more than 70 key international festival programmers, commissioning editors, buyers, distributors, sales agents, film fund and organization representatives who will be able to choose from some of the most promising films and projects in Central and Eastern Europe.
The event is organized by the Institute of Documentary Film in association with the One World International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival. East Doc Platform brings the biggest number of the most important decision makers to the region. They are available for meetings to all EDP participants, as well as for accredited observers. East Doc Platform helps filmmakers to develop their story and visual style, and find suitable partners for co-production and distribution. This event will traditionally feature our staple activities, including the 17th EAST EUROPEAN FORUM; the 4th edition of DOC TANK and the 8th PROJECT MARKET.


East Doc Platform

Štěpánská 14
Pague 1, CZ
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