Czech Republic

Frame Films

About the Company

Frame Films s.r.o. is a young film company that focuses on features and documentaries as well as on creative audiovisual projects with artistic elements. The company has produced a feature debut Snowing! (dir. Kristina Nedvědová), a documentary Central Bus Station (dir. Tomáš Elšík) and a documentary Vote for Kibera (dir. Martin Páv). Its projects have been presented at EBU Documentary Meeting, Sunny Side of the Doc, East Doc Market, Agora Works in Progress etc. Currently the company prepares documentary films Human Beeings (dir. Kristýna Bartošová), Never Happened (dir. Barbora Berezňáková, coproduction with Slovakia), Wolves on the Borders (dir. Martin Páv), feature drama Darkness (script by Kristina Nedvedová and Anna Bobreková) and animation film Ant Hill (dir. Marek Náprstek).


Frame Films

Nad Bílými vršky 959
272 04
Kladno, Rozdělov, CZ
phone: +420 774 131 613
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