Bosnia and Herzegovina

Sarajevo Film Festival

About the Company

SFF, the largest film event in the Region, with more than 100 000 spectators, with around 200 films and a huge industry platform Cine Link. SFF has a documentary competition for creative documentaries from the 20 countries in the region. For documentary makers, ten years ago a new platform started that offers focus on a creative side of the project- DOCU ROUGH CUT BOUTIQUE,organized together with BDC. It is a tailor made workshop with selected creative documentary projects in rough cut stage that offers coaching, expert advice and access to decision-makers who could have crucial influence on moving the project forward. We invite mentors from different backgrounds and expertise – they are directors, producers, broadcasters, sales agents and documentary consultants from Europe and the USA.


Sarajevo Film Festival

Zelenih beretki 12/I
Sarajevo, BA
fax: +387 33 263 381
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