Studio Garmata Film

About the Company

Studio Garmata Film as an Ukrainian independent production company, producer of unique and artistic films, based in Kiev. Studio Garmata is leaded by Valentyn Vasyanovych, one of the most influential producers and directors in Ukraine nowadays. Valentin is the author of « Business as usual » (2012), « Kredens » (2014), « Crepuscule » (documentary, 2014), he’s currently finishing the fictions « Black Level » and « Atlantida ». Studio Garmata is famous in Ukraine because the company has produced the award-winning film « The Tribe », by Miroslav Slaboshpytskiy, who won the Prix de la semaine de la critique in Cannes in 2014. Studio Garmata develops both fiction and documentary projects, with an innovative and alternative approach.


Studio Garmata Film

Chekhovskyy provulok 11, apt. 14
Kiev, UA
phone: +38 098 216 82 01
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