Jiří Konečný

Czech Republic

Jiří Konečný



A feature documentary dealing with the duties and "mentality" of the Hlinka Guard. The film aims to describe the motivations and opinions of the members of one of the most bloodstained organizations in 20th century Europe. Soon the last members of the Guard will "silently leave" and Slovakia still avoids addressing probably the darkest period of its history.

All Men Become Brothers

A film on the phenomenon of Czechoslovak politician Alexander Dubček, one of the most prominent personalities of The Prague Spring of 1968, the author of the concept of “socialism with a human face”. The film shows internal, political and social conflict of the time in a new light and in an age when most of the protagonists of this story no longer need to hide any secrets. Even if they do, we will seek to uncover them. Therefore, we won’t shy away from staged situations, confrontations or investigative filming methods.
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