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Czech Republic

Petr Kubica

festival representative, film school representative, producer, tv representative, commissioning editor

Under Surveillance

For decades StB (State Security) surveillance served for power interests and were often the cause of many years of prison sentences, disgusting form of bullying, invasions of privacy, psychological blackmail. StB heritage of this activity is besides many traumas - which in many cases still persist, especially archive of surveillance photos, which is also very interesting visual historical document. Tens of thousands photos and film footage capture important persons and also a lot of unfamiliar faces and somehow "incidentally" also captures the atmosphere of the time of communist regime. The film tries, through live persons (and the dead also through the photos), to describe in an experimental form "timelessness" mainly of 70s and 80s, but also the essence of this StB voyeurism. At the same time the film will refer also to the present, when privacy has lost its own value...

Tears of Steel: Vladimír Stehlík Meets Lubomír Krystlík

A documentary comedy about an era of high hopes and even greater disillusions, about the wild Czech journey to capitalism, about a steep rise and deep fall. Also, a film about the art of aging and the ways of dealing with the collapse of great expectations. Two old men think back to days when they have reached for the top of Czech business. Vladimír Stehlík and Lubomír Krystlík, CEO and his private adviser - they were the main players in the privatization project of the steel works Poldi Kladno in mid 1990s. They once used to be at the top, now they are living off their low old age pensions and the ex-CEO is facing a number of distress warrants. Poldi Kladno went bankrupt many years ago and the glorious past remains alive only in memories.

Red Cowboy

Clyde Lee Conrad was an officer in the U.S. Army in West Germany, where he was tasked with protecting the top secret documents related to the military plans in case of a war with the Soviet bloc. He was recruited in 1975 by the Hungarian Military Strategic Intelligence Service (MNVK/2) and later in 1980 he offered his services also to the Czech Intelligence Service. He caused the biggest leak of the top secret NATO documents in its history: detailed descriptions of nuclear weapons, plans for movement of troops, tanks, aircraft… More than 30 000 documents. Documents threw Hungarian and Czech agents - all the way up to the KGB. In the film we follow Conrad's work for the Czechoslovak secret police and counterintelligence procedure against him. Conrad was sentenced to life imprisonment in 1990.
Chief Justice Ferdinand Schuth said that Conrad enabled the real possibility that “If war had broken out between NATO and the Warsaw Pact, the West would have faced certain defeat. NATO would have quickly been forced to choose between capitulation or the use of nuclear weapons on German territory.”

Lose Moose

European Moose is one of our biggest mammals. Already extinct during Middle Ages, Moose has now returned. Despite the fact that nowadays many of them live in other countries, moose once more faces extinction in the Czech Republic. Is anybody actually concerned? A documentary about the Czech landscape and Czech people.

The Gutter

We started the film with two fascinations. The Bloomberg has released a world list of addictions and drug consumptions, researched within 52 countries of the World, in 2014. The Czech Republic is the champion. The second is fascinated research of gutters used for measuring of drug consumption by people. What is behind so high drug consumption? What is the economy of drugs and its prevention? The film of the gutter.


Drama of the fated encounter of two strong personalities, whose impact on Czech history has been fundamental. It is hardly an exaggeration to say that the Czechoslovak Republic would not have come into existence without Charlotta.
The documentary depicts episodes from the lives of Charlotta and TGM which have not been rendered so far, whose beginnings took place in Leipzig and then continued in Prague, Vienna and New York.


A Documentary Opera featuring the contradictory life of progressive composer and prominent communist Jan Kapr (1914-88), Stalin award laureate, later banned in socialist Czechoslovakia. While Kapr's life escalates towards pivotal moments, we follow opera songs reflecting these crucial life junctures, those establishing an artist’s fate. The film explores the nature of memory, and narration, using Kapr's personal, never before seen amateur films manifesting his humor, inner struggles and desire to leave traces for eternity.
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