Martin Dušek

Czech Republic

Martin Dušek

journalist, director, script writer, sound editor, producer

Modlany Akbar

Modlany, a village on the Czech-German border was discovered by Saudi Arabians, who plan to build more than 200 houses there. They are families with sick children who are coming to spend most of the year in a nearby spa town. In one of the most atheist regions of the most atheist country in the world, locals are preparing for a "muslim invasion". Indeed, somebody has buried several pigs' heads on the Arab-owned plots of land. Director Dušek (Into the Clouds We Gaze, 2014) wants to follow this “clash of civilizations” in the home of his ancestors from the very beginning with his typical mix of irony and empathy. Shootings are planned both in North Bohemia and in the Middle East.


Each year, thousands of tuned-up vehicles head to huge events for car tuning enthusiasts held at disused military airports, in camping resorts or parking lots. Here you'll find both old wrecks and expensive gems. Tuner car shows offer countless ways to celebrate car fetish, coarse sex, alcohol and dumb entertainment. What compels so many Czechs, mostly from the countryside, to dedicate hundreds of hours to their cars and to undergo a bumpy car ride across the country in a low rider that clatters over the deep tracks dug in Czech highways?
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