Zoe D'Amaro


Zoe D'Amaro

director, producer

Lady Porn

Does feminist pornography really exist? How does it differ from mainstream porn? Most importantly, can feminist pornpgraphy be used as a tool for women’s sexual and personal empowerment? Can it help to break down gender stereotypes, misconceptions, taboos and remove the veil of shame and judgement that often conceals female sexuality?

For most people, feminism and porn stand at the very opposite ends of the spectrum. Harvard-graduate filmmaker Jennifer Lyon Bell couldn’t disagree more.
Jennifer is an American award-winning director based in Amsterdam, who is dedicated to making artistic porn movies targeting female audience. In her unusual erotic feminist films, she portrays sexuality in an emotionally realistic way and mixes arthouse cinema with hot explicit sex. Jennifer believes that sexual freedom is an essential component of women’s freedom; creating beautiful, hot films that turn women on is possible, safe and necessary. She makes the films that she herself would most like to watch. Moreover, Jennifer reaches out to her female audience by holding workshops, in which she guides women in using creativity to explore their sexuality, encouraging self-discovery and empowerment.

Lady Porn is a journey into the intriguing world of feminist pornography and into the depths of women’s sexuality, through Jennifer Lyon Bell’s personal and artistic experience. The film explores Jennifer’s ideological and creative approach, both as a filmmaker and a workshop leader, as well as the impact of her work on female audience. Lady Porn wants to inspire women, challenge societal taboos and encourage a more frank and open discussion on the topic of female sexual pleasure.
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